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Psychiatric Rehabilitation

At Clubhouse of Suffolk we offer individual and classroom-based experiences geared toward helping people in recovery to choose, get and keep personal goals for work, education, health, housing and/or social lifestyles at their own pace. Participants in our programs benefit from current practices that are well supported by professional rehabilitation and treatment research. Creative and expressive arts, symptom management techniques, adventure-based activities, and lots of peer support are all part of helping people to challenge personal barriers and rebuild their lives in recovery.

Eligibility and Fees - To be eligible for the Ronkonkoma Clubhouse and Synergy Center PROS services, a person must:
•  Be 18 years of age or older;
•  Have a designated mental illness diagnosis;
•  And have a functional disability due to the severity and duration of the mental illness.
Medicaid covers the costs of PROS program participation. Medicare, SSAs Ticket to Work, and sliding-scale fees also help to cover program and service fees where applicable.

Recovery Oriented Services - Through individually tailored services and activities with our well trained rehabilitation and recovery team, participants can build or re-build personal readiness and skills needed to attain their own vocational, educational, health and social goals. Our services are designed and organized from evidence of successful and emerging best practices in the rehabilitation field.

Mental Health Clinic Services - Our Clubhouses also offer the option of clinical care along with rehabilitation services. Our PROS clinic component works with you to prevent relapse, optimize personal management of disability, and monitor health and wellness, relating to your overall recovery goals.

Evening Social Activities Program - At Clubhouse we are definitely not "all business and no play." We offer a variety of activities and services to help participants build lifestyles that include leisure and fun. Planned activities occur at our Centers and other points of interest across Long Island.

Senior Services - Our Clubhouses offer a variety of services specifically designed to meet the unique needs of seniors in recovery. Services address retirement planning, family support and education, co-occurring medical issues and employment, barriers to independent living, as well as volunteer opportunities.

Integrated Dual Disorder Treatment - Emanating from national evidence-based practices, this treatment helps people meet the challenges of dual recovery to build healthy, substance-free lifestyles.

Intensive Relapse Prevention - This program track is for people transitioning from inpatient or partial hospital stays, or who are struggling with the relapse of acute symptoms. The track is tailored to assist people to recover from the impact of illness and resume preferred roles and personal direction.

Family Education - Is an approach designed to provide information, guidance, and support to the families and/or significant others of participants in our psychiatric rehabilitation programs. This strengthens ones ability to assist in the participant's recovery. These services include, but are not limited to, education about mental illness and its treatment, information on community resources, guidance on how to manage or cope with difficult behaviors, emotional support and counseling, crisis planning, and problem solving skills training.

Drop In Center - Open every Friday evening at our Synergy Center location in Riverhead, we welcome individuals with a mental illness who are living in the community.