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Employment and Career Services

Our Approach
For those whose life has been disrupted by mental illness, the road to resuming and keeping employment is often complex and challenging. Challenges can include the effects of medications, lost self confidence, diminished stamina, transportation, stigma, social worries, and the impact of earnings on public entitlement programs benefits. Our staff will help you to use the strengths and skills that you have from your life experiences to address these barriers so you can pursue a job with pride and confidence.

Clubhouse-based Services
Brush-up your skills through work-ordered units and activities while you use rehabilitation tools to chart your course to employment. Our clubhouses include computer-based technologies for assessment, skill-building, and resource acquisition.

Job Development/Job Finding
Securing a job that matches your preferences and workplace needs is challenging but critical for long term success. Our agency connects with small and large businesses in the community to identify employers with opportunities and a positive workplace culture.

Flexible Coaching & Support
At your workplace, at a breakfast or lunch spot, at our office, by phone. We can design your support contacts to meet your needs and your schedule.

Entitlements Planning & Management
The complicated maze of SSI, SSD, and Public Assistance rules can sometimes make returning to work treacherous. Our employment staff will help you to understand and manage the impact of earnings on your financial situation.

Cognitive Remediation
Clubhouse of Suffolk is a Statewide leader in integrating the use of computer-based strategies to improve memory, concentration, organization and and other functions that have been impaired by illness, and medication.

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Accommodations
Should you choose to disclose your disability to your employer, we can help you to consider and negotiate reasonable workplace accommodations - most of which pose no cost to your employer - that can make you a more productive, valuable, and satisfied employee.

Peer Support & Celebration
What's work with no fun? We have regular dinner meetings at local restaurants for the purpose of support, getting ideas from others in recovery about achieving success, and for celebrating those successes.

Supported Education & Career Development
We recognize that advancement in the workplace - and in earnings - is directly tied to education and skills. So, our work is not done once you have landed and adjusted to a good job. Our programs are geared toward lifetime growth and helping you realize your full personal potential. Our programs connect and support you in local colleges and universities as well as technical and training schools.