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Supportive Case Management

Program Objectives: People who have experienced recovery will state that the consequences of serious mental illness are often just as troubling as the illness itself. For many, its disabling experience includes interruptions in education, career development and independence. As a result frequent relapses, unemployment, poverty and homelessness can be common.

Case management services reduce such impact from disability. Our professional, knowledgeable and compassionate staff works to ensure that you have access to high quality services and supports such as recovery-focused mental health treatment, medical care and rehabilitation services. Our case managers also assist with obtaining and maintaining entitlement resources such as Medicaid, Social Security, Food Stamps, Public Assistance, etc.

Our Approach: The case management relationship starts with a thorough assessment of how the experience of mental illness has impacted your functioning and resources. The case management process is centered on YOU. Our case managers work with you wherever the most convenient place is to do so - your home, your work, our offices, etc. You and your case manager will create a plan together that links you to resources that match your needs and goals such as employment, education, health, and relationships. Our well trained staff uses their skills to help you confront barriers such as stigma, transportation, and finances. The pace of change is for you to control. If there are other community mental and/or physical health treatment providers in your life, with your permission, we will communicate with them to coordinate your care.

Eligibility and Fees: Clubhouse of Suffolk's Supportive Case Management Program works with eligible adults who live in Eastern Brookhaven and the five East-End Townships. To be eligible for Case Management services a person must:

1. Have a diagnosed serious mental illness.

2. Have an assessment that demonstrates they require services to help them obtain and use services that will enhance recovery and functioning.

All eligibility and assignment determinations for our services are coordinated centrally by the Suffolk County Department of Health Services, Division of Community Mental Hygiene Services. Our staff can help interested and eligible individuals complete the application. Just call us for an appointment at (631) 369-4418 or stop by our Riverhead office.

Supportive Case Management Services are paid for by Medicaid and State net deficit funding. Sliding scale fees may be applicable for people without Medicaid.

Blended Teams - One Intensive Case Manager (ICM) and two Supportive Case Managers (SCM) work together to assist 70 clients. ICM's can provide more frequent visits with focused strategies to reduce relapses and hospitalizations. SCM's provide linking and coordinating services with a minimum of two visits per month. Determinations for ICM or SCM services are also made centrally by the Suffolk County Department of Health Services, Division of Community Mental Hygiene Services.

Shelter/Homeless Team - This team works aggressively with people in difficult circumstances to obtain case management services and find long-term housing solutions that can help serve a foundation for recovery.

Adult Home Initiative - This team of SCM's and peer specialists works with residents of designated Suffolk County adult homes to improve their quality of life through connection, advocacy, and enhanced opportunities.